Restaurant Rockstars Episode #259

Celebrity Chef Beats Addiction + Rises to New Heights


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Finding a lifestyle balance in the craziness of the restaurant business is one elusive challenge.

Keeping our restaurants and ourselves free from substance abuse is an even greater one.

It’s no secret this business is ripe for misuse. Chefs selling steaks out the back door to feed cocaine habits, bartenders dealing drugs, alcoholic beverages at arm’s reach, etc..  It’s nearly impossible to run a clean business and keep it clean.

In this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, I speak with Michael Chernow, a former addict turned restaurateur, celebrity chef, author, fitness guru and business impresario.

Listen as we learn:

  • How a stressed-out restaurant owner or manager can shift their thinking and their habits
  • Michael’s steps to recovery, followed by his healthy new lifestyle approach
  • Best practices that built Michael’s restaurant empire
  • What it’s like to appear and compete on “Beat Bobby Flay” and “Chopped”
  • How plant-based proteins combined with GF oats, vitamins and minerals are the perfect breakfast

We will also learn all about Michael’s new lifestyle brand “Kreatures of Habit” – inspired healthy products.

Listen on, stay healthy and ROCK your Restaurant!


Connect with Michael:

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TW      @michaelchernow –

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Michael Chernow Celebrity Chef Kreatures of Habit
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