Restaurant Rockstars Episode #265

 Restaurant Marketing That Really Works


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Most restaurateurs are great at food, but Marketing is not their strong point.

Is it any wonder, I constantly see restaurants throwing Tens of Thousands of Dollars $$$ away on everyday advertising costs.

A radio sales guy calls you up and promises to deliver 200,000 impressions a week to your restaurant. Bingo, that just cost you $500.  You think “My customers all read that newspaper – I’ll place an ad!   Well, truth be told, that’s like lighting $100 bills on fire in your walk-in.  Unless every customer walking through your door tells you “I came in because I heard your ad”, you’ll never know if anything you do or spend your limited funds on actually works and drives business.

Well, take heart and listen on. In this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, I’m speaking with Matt Plapp, the founder of  and author of the new book “Restaurant Marketing That Works; Before, During and After the Pandemic”!

You’re going to learn:

  • Matt’s honest approach to Listen First to Solve a Restaurant’s Marketing Challenge
  • Mistakes that restaurants are making all too often
  • Matt’s 5-Steps to Proven Marketing Success for any operation
  • The Importance of “The Lifetime Value of a Customer”
  • How to meaningfully engage and capture “New, Frequent and LOST Customers”
  • Why you must present a compelling “Call To Action”

This list could go on and on… you’ll want to listen to get it all!

Now Go Out there and ROCK your Restaurant!


Connect with Matt:

FB: @therealmattplapp

IG:  @mattplapp

TW:  @mattplapp


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