Restaurant Rockstars Episode 341

This Intriguing Restaurant Concept is Out of The Box


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Most of us started with a dream and an idea for a great restaurant concept.  It’s always so interesting to me to see how restaurant concepts evolve and grow.  While some operators are happy with one store, others have the vision to expand and grow their portfolio.  This may mean multiple locations and/or multiple restaurant concepts.

This week on the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, I’m speaking with Austin Capoferi, the President of Franchising and Development for “Beef-A-Roo”.  This 56-year-old brand is known for its wild west restaurant concept and homestyle family values.  They are here to share some real out of the “box” thinking!

Listen or watch as Austin explains:

  • How the Beef-A-Roo restaurant concept comes turn-key in a shipping container with low investment and low overhead
  • How to overcome the labor challenge with half the staff needed of a regular restaurant
  • Why your restaurant concept needs multiple revenue streams and what these are
  • Beef-A-Roo’s “exceptional service” training model
  • Their proven guest loyalty program
  • How to maintain quality and consistency as your brand grows

And of course, we discuss how they are dealing with today’s pressing labor, supply, and inflation issues.

Watch or listen to this episode and then go out there and Rock YOUR Restaurant!


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