Restaurant Rockstars Episode 342

How To Exceed Expectations with Restaurant Hospitality


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We all define hospitality in our own way, and it’s a foundational element in your business. Ensure that your staff is trained on what hospitality means and more importantly how it affects your guest’s experience.

In this week’s episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, I’m speaking with Alfio Celia, VP of Food & Beverage for Crescent Restaurant Group, a division of Crescent Hotels and Resorts. Crescent is a nationally known operator of over 100 properties in the US and Canada.

Listen or watch as Alfio shares:

  • How hospitality starts with the guest and how they feel
  • How to exceed guest expectations post pandemic
  • Crescent’s approach to onboarding, training, and recognizing staff.
  • Developing and fostering a company culture versus a mission statement
  • How to up-level guest service and hospitality experiences everyday
  • Effective marketing strategies and how to maximize restaurant profits.

Alfio is a proven industry veteran sharing many key hospitality nuggets that can benefit your operation

Watch or listen to this episode and then go out there and Rock YOUR Restaurant!


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