Given that the restaurant business is a performance, your guest experience is ultimately determined by how you as owner or manager set the stage.

I’m a huge proponent of daily staff training and whether you spend ten minutes or a half-hour or more with a pre-shift meeting, these eight service details will elevate your customer experience and have them coming back for more.  

Discuss these 8 great things with your staff today:

1) Educate, Inform and Entertain each customer with your unique personality and personal service: Know that many customers in your restaurant are first time visitors and its up to you to tell them “what’s great, what’s special” and remember the “Cheers” formula, people want to go where everybody knows their name.

2)  Notice and See What the Guest Sees:  The restaurant business is one of 1000 details and even if we get 990 of those details correct, its the 10 we’ve missed that the guest will see. Every staff person should come in the front door as if they were a customer and notice everything from the parking lot, to the bathrooms, to the cleanliness of the condiments on the tables and everything in-between.  Fix anything amiss and let us know if you can’t.

3)  Our mantra is “Teamwork & Respect”:  Treat each other and each customer as if they were the most important person in the room – Back each other up, jump in to help even when not asked, anticipate needs and go out of your way to please and thank every guest.

4)  Leave your Issues/Problems at the door:  Every guest experience counts and your personal problems can negatively affect the dining experience, the quality of the food and drinks we sell and the morale of the team. Check your problems at the door, wear a genuine smile, keep calm & rock on!

5) If its Not Fun, Why Do It?   Everyone needs to earn money, but the important thing is the chemistry of our team, caring and working hard to please the customer and having fun while doing it – if this does not describe your approach to the job, there’s the door!

6)  Every Table Is Your Table!   It doesn’t matter what your job is or which dining section you are assigned. If you notice a guest with a problem or need, take care of it or tell someone who can because “Every Table is Your Table”!

7)  Be Safety Minded Today: Restaurants can be dangerous… sharp knives, hot surfaces, slippery floors and heavy equipment. Keep your eyes open, take your time and either fix a hazardous situation or let someone know who can.

8)  Thank you for being part of our team: I noticed you (fill in the blanks here…. jumping in to help the dishwasher with a mountain of dishes, making a guest experience extra special, etc…) Great Job!

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