When a Restaurant Gets it Right!

I often say that “the restaurant business is one of a 1000 details and even though your restaurant gets 990 of them right, it’s the 10 you miss that the guest always sees”.   This happens to the best of us but, some restaurants just get it all right! My wife and I had such a dining experience recently in Hailey, Idaho (more on this in a minute). 

Restaurant Service Snafus to Avoid

Avoid These 10 Common Habits of Ineffective Restaurant ServiceWith many summer Restaurant Week events underway or soon scheduled, it’s the perfect opportunity for local eateries to shine and win new customers. Restaurant Rockstars issues this reminder: it’s consistently getting small tasks right that sets the best restaurants apart from the rest.

Not Just Any Warm Body Will Do

In the heat of battle, many restauranteurs and their managers spend their time putting out personnel fires.  When a server quits or isn’t working out, their first thought is to get a “warm body” on the floor ASAP.. After all, when you’re short on staff, everybody has to pick up the slack and money is being lost… right?


As restauranteurs we’re “In It to Win It” aren’t we?,  Working 6 or 7 days per week, two to three meals per day… putting out fires, working on product quality, making sure our restaurants and menus are inviting and so on…  It’s a daily challenge and we all know all too well the failure rate of restaurants in the first 5 years.