Episode #127 One Cool Tip: How an ICEBERG can Double Your Restaurant Sales!

I’ve always believed that “Order Takers” in restaurants deliver Ordinary Experiences.  Why not be about creating Extraordinary guest service?  To do this, your staff need to take your customer on what I call “the Magical Journey”.  Here’s one cool tip to do just that while watching your guests smile and cash register ring.

Episode #126 One Foot From Disaster, My Journey To Wild Success

From pitfalls and major struggles to straight out theft & fraud, you’ll learn how I built my successful restaurants from a bold dream and no practical experience to a wildly successful multi-million dollar exit. In this action-packed episode, my friend and fellow industry pro Jaime Oikle and I discuss my crazy restaurant journey and how the systems I created led to Double the Net Profit of the average restaurant and national press acclaim. 

Episode #122 Lessons Learned Going from Hotdog Stand to World’s Largest Nightclub!

Imagine rising from the kitchen of his family’s humble Brooklyn restaurant at age 4 to professional waiter, manager, event planner, caterer and restaurateur.  Remarkably Ian will share how his family transformed their early hot dog stand into the “World’s Largest Nightclub”, serving 6,000 people every Saturday night.

Episode #120 The Only Way To Staff Your Restaurant

I’ve always believed that the Help Wanted ads are a great way to find someone else’s problems and just because you need a new hire, the wrong person won’t be doing your business any favors.  So here’s a paradigm shift.  Give this episode a listen as today I’m talking to a superstar recruiting expert.  Mr. Mike Durre shares his “secret sauce” to finding key personnel from a GM, to Chef to line positions.