Episode #149 Five Powerful Letters Spell Restaurant Success!

Straight and simple. These 5 Letters:  F,  A, C, E, S  will transform your customer experience and your business.  What you do with these letters will be a true game-changer for your operation. In today’s episode, I’m going to show you a simple training exercise that’s guaranteed to up-level your guest service, show true hospitality and get those fans leaving raving reviews.

Episode #148 Is your Restaurant Capturing Lightning in a Bottle?

I get it. Everyday you put your heart and soul into your business. You get up early, open your doors and get home late. You work weekends and sacrifice holidays. You truly care about your staff and your customer, but sometimes the thousand details and the unexpected get in the way, and there never seems to be enough time to make it all happen. Listen to this episode and see how vision, passion and execution can carry even if you decide not to be there.

Episode #147 Does Your Menu Print Money?

If you do nothing else in this New Year, Design a New Menu! Why?  To Maximize Profit Of Course!   Believe me, I constantly see restaurants with un-profitable menus.  Even busy restaurants that are filling seats are spinning their wheels wondering why the bank account isn’t growing. Well, this episode has the answer.  Menu design is an Art & Science so you’ve got to listen to my guest Mr. Mark Laux from Hot Operator.  His team designs powerful menus that rake in the cash. 

Episode #146 How To Get The Greatest Employees On The Planet!

I’m talking to Mr. John Hopper of The Greatest On The Planet. He is a veteran business owner with a truly transformative employer philosophy.  We talk about the “6 Things You Should Care About as an Employer”, what your staff are looking for in the place they work AND Why you need to listen to their needs and deliver.  Its a magic formula to building the foundation of your business and creating lasting customer relationships.

Episode #145 How To Capture More PROFIT From Your Restaurant DATA

Every restaurant out there has a POS, but what you do with the data from that POS is what separates the smart and profitable operators from those just spinning their wheels.  In this episode, we dig deep into what’s really important when you’re looking to get a system or upgrade from something that’s just not keeping up with your growing business.

Episode #144 Everything You Need To Know About Food Trucks & Restaurant Equipment

Listen as Connie and I talk about how to turn your rolling food dream machine into reality. What you should be thinking about before you get into the business and, how much money you could be making with a mobile operation if you’ve done your homework. On the equipment side; we talk about the pieces that nearly last forever, no matter how old they are when you buy them. What you should look at new vs. used and where to spend vs. save money.

Episode #143 Do You Really Need To Take Reservations? You May Be Surprised!

Reservations are a given in most restaurants.  Customers expect them.. customers call to make them.  But, do you really need to take reservations?  If you’re about to open a place, what would happen if you decided not to take reservations?  What would happen if you suddenly stopped taking them altogether? You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out, but believe me it’s worth thinking through.

Episode #142 A Winding Road of Restaurant Success with Jesse Vazquez

My guest today has to be one of my favorites!  Mr. Jesse Vazquez delivers powerful advice from the trenches throughout a long illustrious career.  He tells of early failure in his family’s Miami Cuban Cafe where 18 hour days were the norm, seven days a week.  Imagine putting it all on the line and committing to a concept that’s bleeding money.  They didn’t know what they didn’t know, but Jesse was determined to find out and learn the business from the inside out.

Episode #141 A Brewmeister’s Keys To Building A Successful Business!

True, my guest today has NO interest in running a restaurant, but he’s going to share a ton of powerful business building stuff that you can use in your own place. You’ll hear how market research was the “Key” to establishing a successful niche in a crowded beer market. Listen on as our conversation is right on target for your own operation!