Episode #133 The MOST Important Detail in your Restaurant!

Know this…“paramount” service is everything in your restaurant.  Deliver anything less and your customers will talk… Immediately, their experience at your place is all over social media and online review platforms. You can lose your good reputation and customers at your restaurant’s peril.  Take a listen to my recent experience….

Episode #132 Strategy From A Top Brand Expert

Give today’s episode a listen as I’m speaking with Ben Gaddis, the President of one of the world’s Top innovation agencies counting some of the world’s most powerful brands as clients.  We’ll talk digital marketing, online ordering, delivery, leading-edge loyalty programs and much more that shape and grow the all-important relationship between your operation and your customer.

Episode #130 Does your Indie stack up to the Competition?

Well once again, I’m on the road driving cross-country. I had a chance to eat out several times a day in a wide variety of places. So today, I’m telling you about two dining experiences that really stood out for different reasons. I hope it helps you take a fresh look at your restaurant or hospitality enterprise, and give you some food for thought.