Train your staff for success with 20 minutes and $100

I ran restaurants successfully for 20 years, and the absolute cornerstone of my guest experience was training — daily training.  I’m talking about the importance of pre-shifts and the training that should happen in every restaurant, every day before the doors open for business.  Most restaurants train their staff only on the basics of each job. A host greets and seats customers, bussers clear tables, and waiters and waitresses take orders.

Episode #50 Boost Your Beverage Sales & Train Your Staff With One Simple App

Whenever I come across a new system that makes a restaurant more money while enhancing the guest experience, I’ve got to tell you about it.  So here goes:   Uncorkd is a tablet based wine & beverage program that takes the intimidation out of wine & spirits for your customer.   Listen as I speak to Kyle Thacker from Uncorkd HQ, as he explains how Uncorkd can raise your sales and service.  Its simple, quick and easy. 

When Your Food Or Ambiance Overshadows Your Service

I’ve always believed the three most important attributes of any successful restaurant are Food, Service & Ambiance. You naturally expect in any restaurant that the food will be good and that the atmosphere is comfortable and relaxing, appropriate to the menu and concept. Many in the business would argue that each of these three attributes are equally important, yet to me as a former operator, Service really should stand above.