Thank you for enrolling in The Restaurant Rockstars Academy.

You are clearly in it to win it and I congratulate you for giving yourself and your restaurant a Competitive Advantage.

I am passionate about helping other restaurateurs maximize their profits and build powerful brands, so I’m super excited to share my 20 years of knowledge in this most challenging of businesses.

As an owner or manager, there are 1000 details you need to focus on. The Academy is a virtual road map to opening and running a profitable restaurant.

As with any program or tool, the value lies in your execution. If you take it seriously, follow the templates and the systems provided in the Academy, you will free up your time so you can remain focused on “Big Picture” perspective.

Think of the Academy as your perpetual “Exit Strategy” (Someday you will likely want to sell your restaurant). With the Academy you are putting systems into place that will create a more valuable business not just in the short term but in the long term.

The Academy will teach you how to work “ON” your business today, so you can decide how you work in it tomorrow.

I wish you the best of success in all your restaurant endeavors.