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Welcome to the Sales Stars Staff Training Program

Owners, Managers & Trainers Start Here – Includes Resources

The Power of Sales Stars

Owners, Managers & Trainers, I want you to get the MOST from SALES STARS.

STEP 1: Have your ENTIRE front of house staff complete Modules 1 – 3.  This takes approx. 40 minutes. (I hook my computer to a large screen TV with a USB cable so that everyone can watch together as a team building opportunity however it is easier for your restaurant, you can have each staff member complete the program independently.

STEP 2: Have your Manager or Team Leader Watch Module 4: Pre-Shifts to Profits and then PRINT OUT the Pre-Shifts to Profits Planner to keep in a 3-Ring Binder.

STEP 3: Hold a brief Pre-Shift Meeting DAILY using at least 1 Exercise from The Pre-Shifts to Profits Planner and continue to rotate these exercises throughout the year/season to reiterate the concepts and ensure that your staff is using the Sales Stars techniques EVERY CUSTOMER, EVERY TIME.

STEP 4: Quarterly or Bi-annually, hold a fun and interactive comprehensive training session using many or all Exercises and Concepts from your printed Pre-Shifts-to-Profits Planner.  I use candy, small gifts and even dollar bills as prizes and incentives for participation. 

Schedule these Training Sessions well in advance and make them FUN for maximum attendance.  Your best results will come from repetition and practice.

With consistent training, your staff will become SALES STARS and present great Dining Experiences Every Customer, Every Time!

As you hire New Staff, have them watch Modules 1 – 3 BEFORE they Hit the floor. Once they have completed the Modules, have them shadow a Veteran Sales Star.

Once a staff member has completed the Sales Stars program, have them take the quiz and then present them with Certificate of Completion if they pass.


Best of Success – Roger