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Join your podcast host and Restaurant Rockstars Founder, Roger Beaudoin, for engaging weekly conversations with industry leaders and fellow restaurateurs as they spill the beans on their tips, tricks, and best-kept secrets to help you rock YOUR restaurant.

The Restaurant Rockstars Podcast

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Jon Taffer, Cheesecake Factory, A&W Restaurants, Norms Diner, Randy’s Donuts, Ellis Adams Group, James Beard Foundation, Titan Hospitality, Matt Plapp, Michael Chernow, Brendan Sweeney.

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Top 50 Podcast - Restaurant Rockstars
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The restaurant podcast for aspiring and established restaurateurs who want to rock their dreams AND profits

Real-life business journeys

Expert guests who don’t hold back

Honest accounts of failure and success

Tips, tricks, and strategies for your dream business

Latest Episodes

Episode #362 A Restaurant Dining Experience to Remember

Episode #362 A Restaurant Dining Experience to Remember

Restaurant Rockstars Episode 362A Restaurant Dining Experience to RememberLISTEN HERE OR ON YOUR FAVORITE PODCAST PLAYERRestaurants are all about people coming together, celebrating good times & life events. Doing this well...

Episode #361 Business Failure – When to Call It Quits

Episode #361 Business Failure – When to Call It Quits

Restaurant Rockstars Episode 361Business Failure – When to Call It QuitsLISTEN HERE OR ON YOUR FAVORITE PODCAST PLAYERAs these challenging times continue, many of us are experiencing the dilemma of possible business failure. Even...

Episode #359 How To Get Powerful Restaurant PR

Episode #359 How To Get Powerful Restaurant PR

Restaurant Rockstars Episode 359How To Get Powerful Restaurant PR LISTEN HERE OR ON YOUR FAVORITE PODCAST PLAYERMarketing is super important for your operation, but few owners or leaders think about the power of restaurant PR. Maybe...

Episode #358 Delivering Hospitality at the Highest Level

Episode #358 Delivering Hospitality at the Highest Level

Restaurant Rockstars Episode 358Delivering Hospitality at the Highest Level ​LISTEN HERE OR ON YOUR FAVORITE PODCAST PLAYERDelivering true hospitality at the highest level takes strategy, detailed planning, an experienced/engaging...


Restaurant Marketing That Really Works

Celebrity Chef beats Addiction and Rises to New Heights

How to Turn First-Time Guests into Regulars

Roger training staff

About Restaurant Rockstars

Decades of award-winning industry experience

Restaurant Rockstars is your fast-tracked ticket to priceless industry expertise that supports aspiring and established restaurant owners like you to rock your restaurant.

Between the podcast, our online courses and programs, you can save countless hours―if not days―googling THE SOLUTION without actually ever getting anywhere.

We’ve walked the walk.

We’ve perfected the processes.

And we’ve picked up accolades (and the profits to match) along the way.

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Real words from our listeners

5 Star Podcast

Rock On!

This podcast is such an excellent resource for anyone in the restaurant business!  I appreciate the variety of guests, the quality of information, and Roger’s sincere humility to give all this amazing insight away for free. :)


Great Interviews and Info

Roger and his guests share a lot of great information for business owners and anyone in the food service industry looking to up their game.  Really valuable stuff!


Great Resource! Thank You!

I’m a young and new restaurant owner, and this podcast was great for me to hear from people who have relatable problems, and I also appreciate the facts and tips this podcast provides.  Great stuff!!!


A Must Listen!

Great job to Roger and guests for bringing valuable info to the listeners!


Professional Host: Great Guests

Roger Beaudoin (host) is a seasoned restaurant pro, making an ideal person to query the top names in the restaurant business, which he does with aplomb.


A Great Resource

These episodes are to the point and have actionable advice. I always learn something new to try.

Sweet Zmile D

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