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How To Start A Mug Club


A huge component of brand-building and increasing SALES is all about creating “Affinity” with your customer, making them feel a strong sense of belonging and loyalty to your place. It’s that “Cheers” formula – people want to go where everyone knows their name.

One of the most powerful marketing ideas of all-time, is starting a Mug Club. If you have a restaurant, bar or coffee shop/ cafe, you can start a Mug Club!

If you create a cool club, you first make up-front Cash from selling the mugs, you increase weekly spending by your member regulars, your members send you new mug member customers and friends/ family who dine in your place, and their “word of mouth” marketing value creates new business for your place.

I made an additional $45,000 every year with the Mug Club at my restaurant. How much will you make?