Matt Plapp

Episode #265 Restaurant Marketing that really WORKS!

Most restaurateurs are great at food, but Marketing is not their strong point. Is it any wonder, I constantly see restaurants throwing Tens of Thousands of Dollars $$$ away on everyday advertising costs. In this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, I’m speaking with Matt Plapp, the founder of Americas Best Restaurants and author of the new book “Restaurant Marketing That Works; Before, During and After the Pandemic”!

Episode #197 Powerful Bar Promotions to Attract New Customers

In this episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast I’m speaking with Nick Fosberg, a bar and restaurant marketing Guru and a multi-unit owner/ operator himself. Stay tuned and Listen to Nick to find out: The Most Effective Promotions to Attract New Customers in 2020, What most owners do for marketing and Why it Doesn’t Work, The How & Why of List Building and Lead Generation, The power of what he calls the “Viral Offer Promotional Campaign”. We also discuss the Pros & Cons of “Discounts”, how to strategize a discount without diminishing your brand or the value of your products and the Profitable ways of Advertising your promotions this year.