Episode #126 One Foot From Disaster, My Journey To Wild Success

From pitfalls and major struggles to straight out theft & fraud, you’ll learn how I built my successful restaurants from a bold dream and no practical experience to a wildly successful multi-million dollar exit. In this action-packed episode, my friend and fellow industry pro Jaime Oikle and I discuss my crazy restaurant journey and how the systems I created led to Double the Net Profit of the average restaurant and national press acclaim. 

Consistency Is Everything In A Hospitality Operation

Whether you run a food truck, coffee shop, fast casual or full-service restaurant, know that every interaction between your staff and each guest must be consistent and memorable across your operation. This comes with regular consistent training as a given, but more importantly the culture of your place. Are you building and sustaining a culture focused on hospitality, family and fun?

Are You In The Restaurant Business For The Right Reasons?

There are so many reasons people run restaurants. Many of us first got into the business because of passion. Maybe you started working in restaurants and really loved the personal side, camaraderie with staff and customers alike. Perhaps you are drawn to the high-energy.

Possibly, you were a chef with a loyal following of raving fans, or you just saw an opportunity and took the plunge. But that was years ago. Are you still passionate and committed to run a top-notch operation?