Restaurant Marketing that really WORKS!

Episode #265 Restaurant Marketing that really WORKS!

Most restaurateurs are great at food, but Marketing is not their strong point. Is it any wonder, I constantly see restaurants throwing Tens of Thousands of Dollars $$$ away on everyday advertising costs. In this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, I’m speaking with Matt Plapp, the founder of Americas Best Restaurants and author of the new book “Restaurant Marketing That Works; Before, During and After the Pandemic”!

Episode #207 In a Sea of Marketing, this Really Works!

One of the coolest things we talk about is what Matt calls creating an “Emotional Connection” with the customer. Building that powerful loyalty is like money in the bank. Think of what the lifetime value of each customer is really worth if they become raving fans of your business and suddenly come in more often. We’re going to talk about social media strategy, what to communicate, how often to communicate and special offers that bring in the crowds.