Restaurant Rockstars Episode #222

Episode #222 Effective Restaurant Marketing Strategy Using Artificial Intelligence

For those unfamiliar, Artificial Intelligence allows software to think like and interact with humans. Listen to see how you can capture key marketing information on your customers such as “how frequently they visit, their favorite menu items and even what they spend”. With text or email, Jerry shows how you can deliver powerful marketing promotions to your best customers or less frequent diners. Interestingly, iOrder can even make food & drink suggestions which raises check averages.

Episode 219 Key Learnings & Wisdom from a Real Pizza Guy!

Episode #219 Step By Step How He Built A Successful Restaurant Empire

In this week’s episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast, my friend and fellow industry pro Jaime Oikle of and I are speaking to a restaurateur with the magic touch. Nick Bogacz of Caliente Pizza & Draft House is building a pizza empire with street smarts, gut instincts and a flair for promotion while also dealing with the Covid crisis.

Restaurant Furniture Plus Installation

Episode #218 Everything you need to know about Restaurant Furniture

From time to time, our restaurants need a makeover, a fresh new look and furniture makes the biggest splash. It’s not only greater comfort for your guests, but just the thing to transform your ambiance. Maybe now’s the time to think furniture while your dining room may still be idle or you’re looking to Up the “Wow Factor” in your place. In this episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast, I’m once again with George Deeb, CEO of Restaurant Furniture Plus. They’re the largest online source of restaurant, hotel and hospitality furniture on the planet.

Episode #217 Key Learnings from an Illustrious Restaurateur With Elizabeth Blau of Honey Salt

Episode #217 Key Learnings from an Illustrious Restaurateur!

In this week’s episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast, I’m speaking with Elizabeth Blau of Honey Salt in Las Vegas. Elizabeth is highly acclaimed as a 30+ year veteran restaurateur, a James Beard nominee, Judge on “Iron Chef America”, as well as in-demand consultant. Interestingly, she is also widely credited as the person who transformed Las Vegas into the “Celebrity Chef” destination that it’s now known for.

Now’s the Time to Plan for the Future!

Episode #216 Now’s the Time to Plan for the Future!

These are crazy times and no-one knows what the future holds. This is precisely why you should take control, plan for your future and the future of your business. In this episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast I’m speaking with Ashley Micciche, the CEO of True North Retirement Advisors. You may or many not be ready to retire due to Covid or other reasons, but this show is really all about how you can protect and grow the value of your business now during this pandemic.

Episode #215 Disrupt your Competition & Build your Business!

Long before the crisis hit, drive-thru’s changed the way restaurants served their customers.  The opportunity is now greater than ever to take the standard drive-thru up a notch or two with customer safety, convenience and entertainment paramount.  It’s time to work “ON” your business, not just to survive this crisis but to dominate your competition.…

Episode #214 Is It Time To Franchise?

If you have a concept your customers love, this might be the time to think about expanding your business. In this episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast, I’m excited to be talking to Anthony Leone, a veteran operator with vast experience with some of the most-recognized and leading chain concepts. Now he’s helping others develop their concepts into viable and lucrative franchise opportunities.