Episode #157 A Real Life Menu Overhaul For Maximum Profitability

I see far too many operators losing money with their menu.  Its a restaurant’s most powerful marketing tool, but they don’t design it for maximum profit. This is not how to run a restaurant. Follow me here…you can be filling your restaurant seats with lines out the door and still be losing money all because your least profitable menu items are the Biggest Sellers!  Your kitchen staff are working just as hard putting out these low profit items, so you might as well be selling only high profit items.  This latest episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast is a must listen/watch! 

Episode #156 The Power of Birthday Marketing

If you’ve been wondering how to increase restaurant business, why not harness the power of birthdays to get new customers in the door… not just a two-top, but a whole party then get them back again.  It’s called “Birthday Marketing” and its all about capturing the market, getting them in your door then back again and again. . Take a listen to learn more (and get a FREE DEMO).

Episode #155 An Easy Way To Source Restaurant Equipment

To open a restaurant you need equipment.

To expand your menu and increase restaurant sales you need equipment.  New or Used? Buy, rent or lease? Finding time to source it?  What to do? Today’s episode is a different way in sourcing equipment.  Today, I’m talking with KWIPPED, a B2B Marketplace where you can easily find virtually any piece of restaurant equipment across the country. I think you’ll find this really interesting, take a listen….

Episode #154 New Source Of BIG PROFITS For Your Restaurant

Listen, You Can’t have too many Profit Centers in your business.  There is so much more opportunity than just selling food and drink. One of the biggest strategies to increase sales in a restaurant is “events” and private parties.  Today I’m speaking with Mr. Jonathan Morse, the Co-founder and CEO of Tripleseat.  They’ve created a turn-key Event Management App that dials in the whole process of creating events, sending proposals and tracking all the details.

Episode #152 True Restaurant Success Part II with Jesse Vasquez

Today’s guest is one of my favorites!  Mr. Jesse Vazquez delivers powerful advice from the trenches throughout a long illustrious career.  Jesse began to learn how to run a restaurant in his family’s Miami Cuban Cafe where 18 hour days were the norm, seven days a week. They put it all on the line committing to a concept that bled money.  Despite the staggering odds of failure in this business, Jesse was determined to find out and learn the restaurant business from the inside out.

Episode #151 Dominate your Competition like a Las Vegas Casino

What would you do to compete if you ran a casino hotel in famous Las Vegas?  What would you do to open a restaurant and what strategies would you use to increase sales in the restaurant? Yes, we can all name the mega-brand hotels on the famous strip, but how could you make a splash if your operation was “Off” the strip?  How could you capture the imagination of the public and get them in your door?

Episode #150 Credit Card Processing For Restaurants DeMystified

Listen and watch as Chris Rumpf, President of FLYGHT, walks us through the dirty details of a typical credit card processing statement.  He’ll show us what to look for, what to look out for and some of the hidden mysteries and costs of payment processing. I’m pretty sure after listening to this episode, you’re going want to take a closer look at your processor and ask some tough questions.

Episode #149 Five Powerful Letters Spell Restaurant Success!

Straight and simple. These 5 Letters:  F,  A, C, E, S  will transform your customer experience and your business.  What you do with these letters will be a true game-changer for your operation. In today’s episode, I’m going to show you a simple training exercise that’s guaranteed to up-level your guest service, show true hospitality and get those fans leaving raving reviews.

Episode #148 Is your Restaurant Capturing Lightning in a Bottle?

I get it. Everyday you put your heart and soul into your business. You get up early, open your doors and get home late. You work weekends and sacrifice holidays. You truly care about your staff and your customer, but sometimes the thousand details and the unexpected get in the way, and there never seems to be enough time to make it all happen. Listen to this episode and see how vision, passion and execution can carry even if you decide not to be there.