How to Choose Restaurant Furniture

You’ve written your business plan, chosen your location, written up your menu, you’re thinking about staff and you’re eager to get out there and run a successful restaurant. You’ve got all your bases covered, right? Furniture is a crucial part of the restaurant experience and is an often overlooked aspect of opening and managing a restaurant. 

Train your staff to SELL not just serve

In the May issue of Restaurant Hospitality, Roger teaches you how to train your staff to SELL not just serve.  There are superstar servers in just about every restaurant. You know who they are. They’re personable, attentive, love meeting the public and make great money for themselves and your business. 

Training your staff to be their own BRAND

In this interview with Restaurant Unstoppable you will learn about:

  • Success and Failures in running restaurants
  • Training your staff to be their own BRAND
  • Fresh ideas and perspectives in the restaurant industry
  • Restaurant Resources and tools
  • What it takes to be successful
  • Challenges in the restaurant industry
  • Marketing Resources