This Juice Bar is Really “Shaking” Things Up!

Episode #268 This Juice Bar is Really “Shaking” Things Up!

In this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, I introduce Susan Taylor/ President & CEO along with Chris Britt and Ed St. Geme as Co-Owners of Juice It Up. The menu, vibe, store design and service make for a winning restaurant formula. Doing this in one location is hard… duplicating this into a fast-growing franchise, that’s another ballgame!

Episode #261 Increase Sales with a Virtual Kitchen – it’s Genius!

Episode #261 Increase Sales with a Virtual Kitchen – it’s Genius!

I’m a huge believer in new profit centers and revenue streams. Listen on and see if this may be your restaurant’s next Big Opportunity. In this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast I’m speaking with Alex Canter; a serial entrepreneur, the heir to the iconic Los Angeles eatery “Canter’s Deli” and the creator of NextBite. NextBite turns your existing operation into a virtual restaurant or ghost kitchen.

Episode #202 An Objective View of Modern POS Systems

At the heart of your operation is of course your Point of Sale system. Interestingly, modern systems are now integrating other value-added applications such as Inventory control, payment processing, online ordering, etc… There are so many features, options and choices to look at, so with today’s episode, we’re not just bringing you another system, but an objective opinion from a software and POS expert who tells all from your perspective.

Episode #198 Health Driven Eats Equals Marketing Success – Powerhaus Pizza

In this episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast, Anisha Blodgett set out to start a health & wellness business, Not a restaurant! Funny how the stars aligned and her brainchild became a wholesome, holistic and organic eatery featuring pizza, salads, smoothies and other “Good for You” treats. Not only that but her choice of location perfectly aligns with her youthful, health-conscious customer. There are so many learnings and “key-takeaways” in this episode. We’ll talk about staff on boarding and training, catering and other profit centers, brand-building and the importance of community service and giving back to those who support your business.

Episode #184 Laser-Focused Marketing Strategy for Restaurants

Don’t just run a restaurant, build a BRAND! To do this, you need to follow a proven marketing strategy and one size does not fit all. How do you cut through all the noise and clutter out there vying your customer’s attention? The answers are in this episode of the Restaurant RockStars Podcast. Mr. Dan Westmoreland is the Vice President of Demand Gen at and a true marketing “Super Hero”. He’s worked with hundreds of business owners, and today will be giving you immediately actionable advice and proven ideas to build and move your brand forward.

Episode #179 A Powerful New Profit Center For Your Restaurant

It’s amazing what Tech can do for your operation. Listen on as we talk about all the pain points that used to come standard with online ordering and how all this has changed. If you have been holding out on using technology in your operation, decide for yourself if this might be your solution on how to gain new sources of profit. This is how to increase restaurant sales and find yourself a new profit center.

Restaurant Rockstars Podcast Episode #168 How to Grow Profits & Please Customers with Online Orders

Episode #168 How to Grow Profits & Please Customers with Online Orders

Fact is 82% of the Dining Public Order Out! If your restaurant isn’t taking online orders, you’re missing lots of sales and potential profit. I have always believed that you can’t have too many profit centers in your restaurant and this one is a must have. Problem is many systems require you to have multiple tablets from each of the delivery platforms to receive orders. Talk about a nightmare. How could your staff possibly keep it all straight without messing up orders, not to mention the wasted food, lost profits, clutter and storage issues. That’s just crazy. But today, I’m talking with an industry veteran who’s disrupting the old way with an innovative online ordering solution!