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Restaurant Rockstars offers a restaurant training system for savvy restaurant owners like you.

  • Lower Your Operating Costs
  • Double Your Sales
  • Create Raving Fans
  • Design a Menu That Prints Money
  • Train & Empower Leaders

30 day money-back guarantee.

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The Restaurant Academy Training System includes everything you and your team need to completely up-level your restaurant business!

Get instant access to:

Restaurant Logistics Training

Restaurant Logistics

Everything you need to know and do before you open the doors of your restaurant. Learn about: Licenses, Permits, Business Plans, Equipment, Getting Your Business Funded, Buying vs. Leasing + more.

Restaurant Finances Training

Restaurant Finances

You take money to the bank! Learn Critical Cost Controls, How to Maximize Your Profits, How to Manage Your Inventory, How To Cost Out Your Menu + more.

Sales Stars Server Restaurant Training

Staff Sales Training

Empower your front-of-house team to double if not triple your sales and deliver amazing dining experiences. Trackable Restaurant Sales Training, Team Building & Effective Pre-Shift Exercises + more.

Restaurant Marketing Training

Restaurant Marketing

Build both new and repeat business quickly! Learn how to Build your Restaurant Brand, Attract Loyal Customers, Start a popular Mug Club, Market on Social Media + more.

Improve your Efficiencies - Restaurant Training

Restaurant Efficiencies

Learn how to: Stay Ahead of the Competition, Plan For Preventative Maintenance of Equipment, Properly Handle Cash, Reduce Waste and Spoilage + more.

Add more profit centres to your restaurant business

Profit Centers

Get ideas for multiple lucrative profit centers that you can add to your restaurant business: Catering, Retail Merchandise, Packaged Foods to Go, Entertainment + more.

30 day money-back guarantee.

Happy Students - Testimonials

“For anyone starting or running a restaurant, I would absolutely consider the Restaurant Rockstar Academy a non-negotiable.

The Restaurant Academy addresses how to run a restaurant like a business, focusing on systems and structures that are critical to success. Not only do we suggest the Restaurant Academy to nearly everyone we meet, but we make it an absolute requirement for all our franchisees before they open their doors. It is truly a game-changer!”

Brett C. Payne

25+ Years of Award-Winning Restaurant Industry Experience At Your Disposal

Restaurant Rockstars is your fast-tracked ticket to priceless industry expertise that’s supported hundreds of aspiring and established restaurant owners rock their restaurant since 2012.

This is the place to save you countless hours―if not days―googling THE SOLUTION without actually ever getting anywhere.

We’ve walked the walk.

We’ve perfected the processes.

And we’ve picked up accolades (and the profits to match) along the way.

We have the MBA so you don’t have to!


Restaurant Rockstars Founder Roger Beaudoin

Roger Beaudion

The Restaurant Rockstars Podcast

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The Restaurant Rockstars Podcast

Engaging conversations with industry leaders and fellow restaurateurs who spill the beans on their tips, tricks, and best-kept secrets to help you rock YOUR restaurant.

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Are you making costly mistakes in your restaurant?

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