Restaurant Rockstars Episode 354

A Restaurateur’s Inspired Journey + A Happy Accident Gets Trademarked!


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Many of us have a dream to become a restaurateur.

For some of us that dream was fulfilled with a restaurant concept or location.  For others, that dream multiplied from one restaurant to several. And for some…that dream is an inspiration just waiting to be realized!

In this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, I’m speaking with chef and restaurateur Gregoire Jacquet.  He is the founder of Gregoire, a passion project & “gourmet fast-casual” concept in the Bay area of San Francisco.

Listen as Gregoire tells us about his journey as a chef and restaurateur including:

  • Growing up in France and how a passion for cooking led him to America.
  • His early beginnings and learning the meaning of hospitality.
  • The importance of building relationships with local quality suppliers
  • How a failed cooking experiment led to his most popular dish that’s key to the success of his concept and franchise.
  • The process to “trademark” and protect a unique signature menu item.
  • Gregoire’s hiring, training, and onboarding approach.
  • How he works “on” his business, so he no longer needs to work “In” it

And…his creative $10,000 incentive for referring a qualified operator to sign a Gregoire franchise agreement.

This episode is all about a restaurateur’s best practices that led to success.

Watch or listen, then go out there and Rock YOUR Restaurant!


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Instagram: gregoirerestaurant

A Restaurateur’s Inspired Journey and Happy Accident
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