Restaurant Rockstars Episode 345

Designer Turns Operator, A Restaurant Startup Story​


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We all bring passion and talents to this business and sometimes those talents become our competitive advantage.

In this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, I’m speaking with Kevin Cimini, the owner and designer of Gair, a new restaurant startup in the Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn.  Kevin masterfully applied his architecture and design background to create a dynamic space using historic building elements, accentuated with modern touches.

Besides atmosphere, the Food and Service must stand up to the appeal of the space.  All three are equally important elements to the magic formula of a successful concept.

As this is a new restaurant startup story, listen on as Kevin tells his approach to creating not only the design, but all-important operational framework:

We’ll hear about:

  • Kevin’s brainchild for creating Gair
  • How he applied design and architecture expertise to re-create a historic building space
  • A restaurant startup journey from idea to inspiration to execution
  • Past and present challenges we have all faced
  • The Gair Company Culture and team philosophy
  • What’s on the menu… food & cocktail pairings
  • Curating a beer, wine and spirits list
  • Marketing that’s working

And of course, Kevin walks us through the space bringing to life the sights, sounds and smells of Gair.

Watch or listen and then go out there and ROCK your own Restaurant!


Connect with our guest:

Instagram – gair_dumbo

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Designer Turns Operator, A Restaurant Startup Story
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