Restaurant Rockstars Episode 323

How to Run a Strong Restaurant Kitchen


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Restaurant kitchens are the “heart” of our house and our people, recipes, food quality and presentations are our lifeblood.

These determine our guest satisfaction, online reviews, a ringing cash register and repeat business.

It’s a magic formula and delicate balance that’s hard to master, but always worth improving. To build your own strong restaurant kitchen, you might want to take notes as our guest this week is a seasoned and passionate kitchen professional.

In this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast I’m speaking with Chef Mike Harvey of Jalisco Taqueria and Queen Street Hospitality Group.

Listen as Mike shares:

  • The magic dust of a strong restaurant kitchen and team
  • How to inspire, motivate and get the most from your staff
  • The importance of recognizing inside talent and mentoring them to rise to the challenge
  • Paring down menus for efficiency and profit
  • How they handle rising costs, labor challenges and other pain points
  • Critical systems and technology

And of course, the nuts and bolts of creating your own strong restaurant kitchen.  The New Year is coming, time to put your house in order!

Watch or Listen to this episode and then go out there and Rock YOUR Restaurant!


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Facebook: @JaliscoCHS

Instagram: @jalisco_chs

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Jalisco Taqueria
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