Restaurant Rockstars Episode 353

Expert Tips on Restaurant Finances From a CFO


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If you really want to move the needle on your business, you need to run a business and not a restaurant.

This means working “ON” your business now, not necessarily “In” it.  It’s important to dedicate time each week to systemize your business so you run it and it doesn’t run you.

Beginning to understand your restaurant finances and getting a feel for the cash that flows in and out each day is very important. You can make small shifts each week that will really boost your bottom line.

In this episode of the Restaurant Rockstars Podcast, I’m talking restaurant finances with Jonathan Rosa of Moura CFO.  Jonathan grew up in a restaurant family, studied finance in business school and then went on to hone his knowledge and craft at Burger King Corporate HQ. His deep restaurant finance experience now helps operators like you dial in your restaurant finances, plan for the future, and find greater success.

Listen as Jonathan shares tips on restaurant finances including:

  • How he works with clients as a “Fractional CFO”
  • The small changes you can make day by day and week to week to transform your business and bank account.
  • How to track cash flow and forecast for seasonality or slow downs
  • The mistakes restaurant owners are making and what to do about it
  • Why you should not be satisfied with strong sales numbers without digging deeper.
  • The all-important cost controls in any restaurant

And a real-life client story of positive and simple change for greater success.

Watch or listen to this episode, work “ON” your business today and go out there and Rock YOUR Restaurant!


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